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Beat the odds of insurance innovation success

I help insurance leaders like you take their innovation to the next level by combining deep expertise with a data-driven approach.
Organizations I am proud to have served

Insurance Innovation: A game of challenging odds

94% of CEOs are dissastisfied

Only 6% of CEOs say they are satisfied with the performance of their innovation.

Most innovation labs don’t last

Most innovation labs are discontinued without achieving the results they were set up to deliver.

And just investing more doesn’t help

Top innovation spenders realize below-average growth rates over the medium term, even when compared to their less-spending peers.

Beat those odds.
Change that game.

As an insurer, you know what is needed to create value from risk:

  • Relevant data
  • Advanced tooling
  • Deep expertise and
  • Industry experience

With those, you discover where risks and potential returns are concentrated so you can focus improvement efforts. In other words:

Get better faster.

That is what you bring to your insurance business.
That is what I bring to your innovation.


Take advantage of the world’s largest innovation management database. I am licensed and accredited to use this database in analyses.


Advanced analysis and AI-powered tooling transform raw data into validated insights on how best to optimize your innovation system.


Even the best data is meaningless when analysed in a vacuum. My expertise and 17+ years of experience help uncover hidden aspects specific to your context.

Erik Petersen

“Christof is an innovation expert with broad international experience. From day one, he contributed greatly towards the design, development, and realisation of the Achmea Innovation Hub. His infectious creativity and inexhaustible knowledge are inspiring to many.”

Erik Petersen
Head of innovation, Achmea the Netherlands

Four powerful gamechangers, which one is right for you?

Asset 688
Innovation360® InnoSurvey®

Simply the world’s number one innovation assessment methodology.

strategy 5
Innovation strategy design
Establish and communicate your innovation aspiration, including which markets to win and which assets to leverage.
Innovation strategy execution
Harness your strategic intent so it enforces and informs the hard choices in your portfolio management.
Asset 691
Innovative proposition development
Develop deep insight into your target market, generate a wealth of original ideas and cluster them into concrete concepts with market-dominating potential.
Raoul Stoeckle

“Christof is an expert in all things insurance innovation. I especially appreciate his ability to see the big picture, his original ideas and his relentless focus on customer happiness.”

Raoul Stöckle
Managing partner, Stravox

Improving innovation the LeapFrog way

leapfrog beeldmerk donkergroen
Creatively conceptual

I am thoroughly familiar with the leading innovation schools of thought. I am also an original and critical thinker. Your solution will never be just copy-paste.

leapfrog beeldmerk donkergroen
Expertly empirical

I develop my conclusions using frameworks and analysis. More importantly, recommendations are always grounded in firsthand observations and data.

leapfrog beeldmerk donkergroen
Profoundly practical

Lasting impact requires stakeholder buy-in and a simple implementation that holds up, even in hectic times. From day one, I work to deliver exactly that.

Realize your innovation’s full potential

Start beating the odds of innovation success today

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