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Innovative proposition development
May I ask…
  • Are you happy with the boldness and richness of your new concepts?
  • Are you satisfied with the time it takes before ideas become more concrete enough to test?
  • Do you have the time to facilitate all proposition development processes yourself?
“Don’t stimulate creatvity. Instead, stop suppressing it.”

Roger von Oech

Let me help you…
  • Coach teams to conduct market and customer research.
  • Walk teams through an inspiring, interactive, creative journey.
  • Prioritize the concepts using my unique scoring methodology.
  • Generate a wealth of original ideas and cluster them into concrete concepts with market-dominating potential.
So you can…
  • Give your development team a flying start.
  • Learn some original formats to also apply in your own projects.
  • Solidify the development of your innovation culture.
How it works

Innovative Proposition Development focuses on rapidly creating validated, impactful concepts. Targeted market research, creative imagination, and Feature Clustering yield bold, concrete, testable concepts. Advanced risk management helps ensure developed propositions are ready for scaled-up success.



Market and customer research.


Scoping the creative space and establishing high-level requirements.


Ideation campaign and creative sessions.


Idea selection, clustering and concept development.


Initial design mockups.


Risks inventory and prioritization.


Hypothesis building and experiment design.


Iterative service development (with a tech partner).

Case study

Zilveren Kruis, early-stage mental wellness tech project.


Zilveren Kruis was looking to develop a new concept involving personal wellness technology, underlining its “big picture health” (totaalplaatje) strategy. Initial user research had been conducted. On this basis, I connected Zilveren Kruis with a deep tech startup.


Facilitate and support early-stage proposition development.


The proposition and business model were to be developed practically from scratch, in international collaboration, with limited capacity, in partnership with a deep tech startup.


Initially, interface-only designs were shared with a small early user community, yielding UX insights (including users describing use cases we did not think of) and feature requests, invalidating some of our initial assumptions and informing critical hypotheses about the service.

Given the enthusiasm we encountered, we designed a second experiment, where cohorts of users shed light on the impact different versions were having on user experience and satisfaction. We also gained valuable insights on the support required and the scalability of the new proposition. Because of the multitude of possible business models, a group of MBA students was assigned to gather, structure, and classify different types of business models for the proposition, yielding a wealth of promising options.

Asset 686
  • A positive working relationship startup – insurance company based on solid vision alignment.
  • Data-driven pivots in business model and proposition focus.
  • Adaptive testing of different business models for a single use case.
  • Significant user traction and partner interest.
  • Measurable progess towards product-market fit.
Nisha Alberts
Business Designer Wellbeing & Health

“Christof brought inspiration and structure at critical moments. His relentless customer focus prevented the project from becoming “tech push”. His creativity and his perseverance helped the project stay on course.”

Dzera Kaytati
Startup Co-founder

“Christof was a valuable presence in the project, very experienced in innovation and always ready to tackle any challenge.”

You can preview the value for your company in a creative session:

This mini pack includes a preparatory session to clarify context and set goals, creating and tailoring interactive formats for one 2-3h creative event, facilitating the event, and processing the outcomes into idea clusters. (Location and presenting infrastructure to be provided by your company).

Investment: € 8k

Let me help you unlock your team’s creativity and ingenuity. Book your call today.

Schedule a 30-minute call, and I will give you three valuable tips on enriching your next creative session.

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