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Insights gained over decades, concentrated in four packages:

Innovation360® InnoSurvey®
  • Are you curious about your innovation maturity relative to peers and global innovation leaders?
  • Do you want to improve and challenge yourself to get better?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by too many options and too many opinions?
Innovation strategy design
  • Is your innovation strategy perfectly aligned with your company’s core objectives?
  • Are you satisfied with the guidance and direction your strategy provides?
  • Are you happy with the balance of limits imposed on and freedoms granted to your leaders and teams?
Innovation strategy execution
  • Do you know exactly what projects are running per strategic priority?
  • Do you know their current statuses?
  • Are you confident you’re doing enough to achieve your objectives?
  • Do you suspect there may be too many projects in your innovation funnel?
Proposition Development
  • Are you happy with the boldness and richness of your new concepts?
  • Are you satisfied with the time it takes before ideas become more concrete enough to test?
  • Do you have the time to facilitate all proposition development processes yourself?

Not sure which one is right for you? Get in touch!

Jennifer op 't Hoog

“Christof facilitated a series of interactive sessions in which a strategic innovation option was quickly assessed and made actionable. He brought expertise and openness to the table and helped create a lot of positive energy.”

Jennifer op ‘t Hoog
Director, HDN, the Netherlands

These simple steps ensure you get a tailor-made solution

Strategy call

Help me understand your company’s challenges. Decide whether one of my services could be a good fit for you.

Service customization

In a face-to-face meeting, we dig deeper and refine the approach so it adds the most value for you.

Agreement & execution

We co-create a proposal, assess and manage risks, and I’ll iterate until you are 100% happy. Ready? Then let’s go!

Odds-beating innovation

My unique services are designed to give you not only good results and outcomes but also lasting improvement.

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