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Innovation360® InnoSurvey®
May I ask…
  • Are you curious about your innovation maturity relative to peers and global innovation leaders?
  • Do you want to improve and challenge yourself to get better?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by too many options and too many opinions?
“Be good at the right things. Not at everything”
– Jaruzelsky / Dehoff
The Wheel of Innovation | US Design Patent US D813,884S | EUIPO, Reg. No.: 003165554-0001
Let me help you…
  • Benchmark your innovation internally as well as externally.
  • Understand your innovation maturity and capabilities on a granular level.
  • Obtain a data-driven body of evidence that provides direction and helps keep discussions grounded in fact.
So you can…
  • Pull the critical value levers and only those.
  • Accelerate the growth of your innovation capability while reducing improvement footprint.
  • Achieve focus that helps end your overwhelm.
How it works

InnoSurvey® is the world’s number one innovation assessment methodology. It identifies critical blockers and amplifiers in your innovation system. It maps your company’s aspiration for innovation against your ability to execute on it. It is the only ISO-compliant 360-degree innovation assessment tool on the market.



Conduct in-depth interviews to understand your current context and strategy.


Determine assessment sample (external stakeholders, management, and employees).


Assessment setup and Roll-out.


Quantitative analysis.


Deep-dive and qualitative analysis (interviews).


Presentation including recommended actions.

Case study

Innovation360© InnoSurvey©, a regional innovation project involving 28 Swedish SMEs.


Small and medium enterprises often lack a structured process for innovation. and a baseline for measurement and improvement.


Strenghten innovation capabilities for a group of 28 SME businesses in order to grow revenue and profit.


Diminishing margins and sluggish overall growth challenges manufacturers to break out of the mold, find new ways to connect with the next generation of customers and create value for sustainable growth.


Regional development projects (…) present an opportunity for business owners to come together, pool resources and knowledge, and establish a structured process for innovating, both in the immediate day-to-day business to improve efficiency and unlock value and in the second and third horizons to ensure business continuity well into the future.

The InnoSurvey© methodology assessed capabilities, culture and competencies of each company, Using advanced tools for pattern recognition, correlation analysis, and data visualization, it pinpointed strengths, vulnerabilities, and critical capability, and skills gaps.

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In two years’ time the program resulted in:

  • Average growth of order book by 25%;
  • Average Growth of 12%;
  • Significantly shortened business development cycles.

“Participating (…) was highly valuable, especially the bootcamp where we gained inspiration and tools for describing our business model and got help to define concrete measures for achieving our goals. We have had some great discussions and follow ups throughout the process and the whole management team gained valuable information.”

Martin Møller
Business Development officer at Expedit

You can preview the value for your company in a Leadership Team mini assessment:

In a quick primer, I walk your leadership team plus key stakeholders through the InnoSurvey® framework and methodology. Your team fills out the Survey, and we discuss the results and a set of critical benchmarks and insights in a two-hour results meeting.

Investment: € 10k

Stop suffering a bit more overload each day. Book your call now.

Book a 30-minute call, and we will fill out a survey sample with your answers to give you a first taste of the value this can bring.

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