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Innovation strategy design
May I ask…
  • Is your innovation strategy perfectly aligned with your company’s core objectives?
  • Are you satisfied with the guidance and direction your strategy provides?
  • Are you happy with the balance of limits imposed on and freedoms granted to your leaders and teams?
“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
– Sun Tzu
Let me help you…
  • Develop a shared awareness of in- and external change dynamics.
  • Reaffirm the “why” that inspires all your innovation.
  • Bring your ambitions and your abilities in sync.
  • Establish and communicate your innovation aspiration, including which markets to win and which assets to leverage.
So you can…
  • Offer teams an actionable vision.
  • Enable the leveraging of competencies to make a winning difference.
  • Empower leaders and teams with enough freedom to profit from the unexpected.
How it works

The Innovation Strategy Design service aligns innovation with your core objectives. It includes creating implementation roadmaps and measuring success through organizational alignment, strategic impact, and progress against defined financial and strategic goals.



Uncover and specify what innovation matters most to you.


Develop a shared understanding of internal and external change dynamics.


Designate critical assets and competencies to leverage.


Identify and prioritize key markets and segments to engage with.


Establish your innovation aspiration.


Create a roadmap for implementing the recommended changes.

Case study

Achmea Innovation Fund (AIF), creating an innovation investment thesis.


AIF received many investment suggestions from many sources. However, innovation theses were not yet in place to help guide the selection of strategically promising investments.


Help develop innovation investment theses for a cluster of divisions.


This type of project was a first at the time. It had a very broad scope, encompassing diverse divisions and business models and involving many stakeholders.


A series of workshops was conducted with a diverse group of stakeholders, gathering and structuring input on a range of topics.
In the present-forward-thinking mode, trends were identified, and existing core lines were captured in business model canvases, indicating where change dynamics were concentrated.

In the future-back-thinking mode, scenarios were developed, exploring what world would ensue if core uncertain events went one way or the other and how that would impact the divisions, with a special eye for emerging opportunities. Additionally, venture investment dynamics per sector were analyzed.

These were clustered into an integrated logic, including markets to engage with, assets to leverage, and risks to consider.

Asset 686
  • A well-structured, ambitious, yet evidence-based innovation thesis.
  • Broad support from stakeholders.
  • A well-received presentation for top leadership.
  • Clarity, direction and focus for venturing investments and other innovation efforts.

“Christof’s conceptual talent maintained structure in this complex, pioneering project and helped create a coherent synthesis and an engaging narrative supported by a compelling strategic logic. His flexible, supportive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and helps focus discussions and align stakeholders. I consider him a safe pair of hands for this type of project.”

Katharina Maass
Fund manager, Achmea Innovation Fund

You can preview the value for your company in a PESTLED360® Trend & Scenario analysis:

This is a one-event package. Pre-event, we crowdsource trends. We will compare and cluster them using Innovation360®s AI-powered PESTLED360® software and extensive databases, develop scenarios, and list and think through critical resulting impacts on your business.

Investment: € 10k

Bring clarity to your innovation strategy. Schedule your call today.

Schedule a 30-minute call, and I will present you with three actionable tips for (re)designing your innovation strategy.

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